Ok, first of all – why I decided to create this theme – sometimes need to write my impression and opinion about Lithuania. Its just my opinion, so, it might be not true, though I will not lie. Just my thoughts, don’t want to insult anyone or make look worse. Also its good for my […]

Paprastas automobilinis saugiklis

Vidutinio dydzio automobilinis saugiklis:

LM2917 SO8 ir DIP8 korpusuose

LM2917 SO8 ir DIP8 korpusuose:  

5 x 5 mm potenciometras

Paprastas potencikas, vertikalus, 5 x 5 mm.

MUR1560 ultrafast diodas

MUR1560 super greito diodo biblioteka, vertikalus ir horizontalus montavimas:  

ATX pagrindinis transformatorius

ATX transformatoriaus biblioteka:   Kada nors reiks truputį pataisyti – sužymėti išvadus pagal įtampas…