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Fuel in Lithuania 2012.09.26 at 14:45

From the start I would like to say that I do not run any fancy tests on fuel – this is only my opininion. So, I have a car with LPG system installed. Now the pure statistics – with Lithuanian LPG (always from the same gas station, belonging to Statoil network) I can go 280-300 km with 40 l. Sometimes I go to Poland, not too far – Suwalki, and fill the same 40 l there also in Statoil. So, how come I can go 350 – 360 km with Polish LPG ? And the engine works more evenly, as if the fuel would be perfect for it. You might say that different road or city/highway differences, but no, with this car its almost 90-95% of road is highway, so its the same. Only that with Polish 40 l of LPG i can go 60 km more. Strange ? Some time ago I was in Ukraine, the other car, but the idea is the same. With Ukrainian ’98 fuel the engine is much more powerful  and the car goes further. So, is it wise to suspect that Lithuanian fuel is very bad quality ? I would say YES. By the way – the price is the same or bigger than in Poland or Ukraine. As usual – someone has to be a fool…

Stupidity ? 2012.06.11 at 07:00

Once again I am reading a supermarket newspaper… Thinking – who is trying to fool who ? Or who is the stupid one ? I am talking about all those LED TV sets priced from 300 EUR to 1000 EUR (most popular). If you’re smart, at this point you would think – WTF ? LED TV so cheap in Lithuania ? Yep… How can we complain that living is bad here when LED TV everywhere else costs about 10-20 times more 😀 For those who didn’t get it – I’ll explain… Our sellers calls LED TV all LCD TV sets with LED backlight. You know, LCD monitor does not emit light, so it must be lit from the back. All PC and TV LCDs had CCFL lamps for that. The new technology (well, not new nowadays) – LED, came into the market and replaced CCFL. Its more efficient, less heating, less aging, light is more consistent, well, lots of good things. Also it gives ability to turn of LEDs behind the dark image, so the black becomes even more solid and dark. So, plenty of advantages. But this is not LED TV. Its a LED backlight TV with regular LCD matrix. The real LED TV does not have the LCD matrix – view is created by sets of 3 tiny LEDs (RGB, like in CRT TVs). And of course the image is very bright, vivid, colors are precise and beautiful. So, people knows the only thing „LED TV is the best”, and purchases all that shit that has LED in its name. So, now who can answer – are we being fooled or just we are so stupid and don’t know the difference…

Lithuanian politician… 2012.04.16 at 22:02

Somehow it came to me… We are ruled by politicians… You think so ? There is plenty of singers, actors, writers, celebrities, rich people, etc in our Seym. But very few politicians. Should I be surprised why is it so shitty in Lithuania ? „You choosed them” you might say… Hell no, to this day (in several days I’ll be 30) I had never voted. Why – there is no one I would like to vote for. And all the people are voting just for voting. But who are they choosing – noone cares, they are all alike…

Poland… 2012.03.27 at 19:11

Yes, strange, but the first post in Lithuania category – about Poland. There are lots of jokes about it, guess why 🙂 ? Here’s one – „South Lithuania” 🙂 Its about near border region, lets say about Suwalki, Augustow… Yep, you’re right – in the shops there are more Lithuanian people than local. So… Each day driving to work I am passing several fuel stations… Surprisingly, but the prices each day goes higher… Smart heads from TV are talking about improved fuel quality, about rising of oil prices… The strange thing is that nowadays oil prices are even lower than a year ago, but the price of fuel is bigger that back in those days… And WTF is going on when price goes higher and they say – OK, oil price got higher, so we increased the fuel price. Then suddenly the oil price becomes lower… So, you might think that fuel prices also gets lower. You wish! They just say – we had purchased more expensive fuel, filled all the tanks, so until its sold – cant make the price lower. And keeps the price. Even if they are refilled tanks several times with already cheaper fuel. Then oil price gets a bit higher. Well, you might think – tanks are filled with cheaper fuel, so the price wouldn’t go high. Wrong again! The same second, or maybe even a second before the higher oil price is announced – the fuel price is increased again. So, the only conclusion – no matter what the fuel price will get higher. Why shouldn’t they ? Did I mentioned that we have our own (well, almost) oil refinery. For some mystical reason it was sold to Poland. I wonder – where is the money for it ? Anyway, with fuel prices we all agree to a Russian saying – Куда солдата не целуй везде жопа (wherever you kiss a soldier – you’ll hit in the ass). So, I was in the Poland. Compared prices, nothing special, just food and fuel. Damn, the same crap we buy here is 10 to 20 % cheaper there. So, loaded my fridge with Polish chicken meat, rice, buckwheat, macaroni… Eggs! For 10 eggs in Lithuania I would pay about 7 litas (1 EUR ~ 3.4528 Lt), in Poland – 4,23 Lt for 10. Surely – next time I go shopping – I will drive to Poland. And that is worth even knowing that I live in Kaunas – center of Lithuania. Especially if I take one or two friends, wanting to join and split the travel cost. I will try to take the same products as I would buy in Lithuania and put a price comparison in here. Conclusion – lots of money goes abroad. By the way – average salary is from 1000 Lt to 1500 Lt. More is considered big salary. Now, go outside, look at the fuel price and say – how is it in your country ? How can people having ~300 EUR salary pay about 1,5 EUR per liter of 95 rated fuel. And lots of people have even smaller salary. Well… Thats all my mumbling for this evening… Poland is a life saver for Lithuanian people… We have our independence 🙁

About… 2012.02.27 at 18:17

Ok, first of all – why I decided to create this theme – sometimes need to write my impression and opinion about Lithuania. Its just my opinion, so, it might be not true, though I will not lie. Just my thoughts, don’t want to insult anyone or make look worse. Also its good for my English skills. Also, if someone will try to imagine all Lithuania is as I write – it might be not correct. Why it is in English ? Because I want this section to be read by foreigners. Because Lithuanians are already familiar with situation here and maybe even will correct me if I write something wrong.